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More women should invest in the stock market!!!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Hey !!!!!! Todays post is about investing… to be more specific investing in the stock market !!! Investing is a great way to grow wealth and attain financial security ……but women seem to struggle with it more than men.

My dear Ladies this post is specially for you. Research shows that lower wages and a lack of confidence hurt a women's ability to invest compared to men. I also think it is could be due to lack of knowledge. Please see below link to watch one of the favourite videos on YouTube on how to start investing.

I for one wished I started investing in my early 20s . However in my view it is never too late to start . If you have never thought of investing in the stock market, I would encourage you to start now . There is a vast range of information availability out there don’t let that be an excuse for not starting . Love and light, wishing you an awesome day 💋❤️.

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